Stephanie Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has always loved and surrounded herself with all kinds of animals from a very young age. Her first dog and best friend forever was a Golden Doodle named Charlie who changed her life and propelled her into the world of veterinary medicine.

Stephanie graduated with honours from the Animal Care Pogram at Durham College and spent 3 years in the emergency department at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital. There, she learned a great deal about emergency medicine, CPR, and intensive care. Her favourite shifts are the ones spent on surgery but she also really enjoys working with nervous cats and dogs that need a softer, gentler approach.

Stephanie is also a fierce advocate for farm animals everywhere and would love to work with them some day. If she had to choose a favourite it would be pigs.

When she isn’t working, she loves to cook, draw, and spend lots of time with her kitty cat (Andy) and yellow lab (Benny).