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Our cat-only hospital is designed specifically for feline patients to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Located beside our current animal hospital, our custom-built cat-only hospital will be a certified Cat Friendly Practice (Gold Level) designed specifically with our feline patients’ comfort in mind. The spacious 2,300 square foot facility will have its own entrance, 6 exam rooms, digital diagnostics, in-house pharmacy and laboratory, full surgical and dental suites, and a private recovery ward.

Our carefully designed layout, materials used, paint colours selected, and specific equipment implemented, all help to elevate the care we can provide while reducing the stress that our feline friends often experience when visiting the vet. With our feline-centric approach, both patients and owners can feel comfortable and at ease while visiting us. 

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the space in which we will soon start to see our feline friends.


Below is an overview of the feline-friendly features that this custom-built facility will have.

Only cats are permitted inside.

No dogs or any other species are allowed which is a significant stress reducer for most cats due to sight, smell, and sound.

Purpose-built waiting area. 

Instead of a large and open area, clients can wait in alcoves with a designated cat carrier table located off the floor. 

Calm and soundproofed facility.

To help our feline friends feel reduced stress during their visits, we carefully selected a soft blue paint colour for inside the hospital. As well, the space will have vastly improved soundproofing and dimmable lighting to provide a calmer experience.

Private and fun exam rooms.

Since cats prefer laminate, this material is used instead of stainless steel for the exam table as well as treatment surfaces.


All exam rooms will feature a play and hide spot for your cat to feel at home.


Cat-specific pheromones will be used in the hospital to reduce stress for patients along with feline-friendly treat options that will act as distractions and rewards.

Cat-friendly practice (Gold Level).

With a dedicated cat-only facility, our practice will be recognized at the Gold Level. All team members are already feline-friendly trained for proper handling of patients.

Other features of our cat-only hospital include:

  • Individual treatment area nooks. This helps prevent cats from seeing each other thereby further reducing their stress. 
  • Tasty treats for cats. Patients are offered feline-friendly treat options.
  • Appropriately sized furniture and equipment. Custom-sized furniture and medical equipment are sized to suit cats specifically (e.g. exam tables, wet tables, dental table, surgical table). 
  • Stress-reducing pheromones. Cat specific pheromones are used in the hospital to reduce stress for patients.
  • Individually warmed cages. For enhanced comfort, and more rapid and successful post-operative recovery, cages are individually warmed and include daylight lighting that mimics natural outdoor light. These cages are designed for enhanced visualization of patients for better monitoring.