Success Stories

The following animals have been adopted through the Dundas West Animal Hospital Rescue Program!

  Mayor McCheese was adopted!
   Hamburgular has been adopted too!
   Grimace has been adopted!
   Diedre has been adopted by some lovely clients!
   Hubert has been adopted by our assistant Liz!!!
   Wafer and Wren were adopted together!
  Wylie was adopted and now goes by the name Sparticus!
   Willow and Wellington went home together with some awesome clients.
   Windsor was adopted by our volunteer, Olivia!
   Cali was adopted by some amazing clients. They’ve renamed her Yoda and she’s loving her new home.
   Tequila was adopted!
   Peggy, Gordon and Starla were all adopted together!
   Romeo was adopted!
   Mitsy & her brother Fluffy WERE ADOPTED!



 Link and Ozzie WERE ADOPTED by a nice family
   Thumper (now called Sadie) WAS ADOPTED!
   Peach WAS ADOPTED by great clients!
   Tug WAS FINALLY ADOPTED!!! He now lives with the best friend of Queen West’s hospital coordinator. He’s taken over the house and doing great!
   Buddy WAS ADOPTED by clients and is enjoying life with his canine sister Lizzie!
   Wilbur WAS ADOPTED by one of our clients and now lives with his two step-sisters Ruby and Gwen!




Gerald and his sister Sophia WERE ADOPTED by a lovely family that live in Guelph!




Delilah and Brody (now known as DeeDee and Marbles) WERE ADOPTED together by an amazing family! We will especially miss these girls…
Eddi, Wall-E and Benny
These amazing cute orange kittens (now named Eddi, Wall-E and Benny) WERE ADOPTED within a week of arriving! One by our veterinary assistant Mel, another by Mel’s sister and the third (the only girl of the bunch) by an amazing client looking to get a friend for her cat Zoe.
Tim (now known as Gorski) WAS ADOPTED by a very nice couple and is very happy in his new life!
Clarence and his sister Cindy Crawford have both BEEN ADOPTED by existing clients!



Marty and his sister Mary Jane were ADOPTED TOGETHER and went home with one of our other rescue cats named Oscar!
Oscar WAS ADOPTED along with his new favourite buddies Marty and Mary Jane! Word is that the trio are now inseparable!
Clementine WAS ADOPTED by an existing client and is loving life with her new big brother Zeus!
Jody WAS ADOPTED by a lovely student looking to adopt her first cat!
Fester WAS ADOPTED by our very own Dr. Scott Bainbridge! He quickly took over his new household and is loving his new life.
BeeGee (BabyGoldy) WAS ADOPTED by a kind soul who also adopted another FIV+ cat from Toronto Cat Rescue, so that they could keep each other company…awww, what a good life BG’s going to have.
Vinnie HAS BEEN ADOPTED by one of our lucky staff members! Congrats Vinnie & Darcel!
Maxwell HAS BEEN ADOPTED (through Toronto Cat Rescue)!